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Experts in building robotic products

Robot Engineered Systems (RES) is a demand-driven company operating in the field of robotics and robotic components. Based on the approach ‘You ask, we deliver – Together.’, RES develops high-quality, autonomous special products, that are mostly mobile.

It is RES’ experience that many businesses and organizations do consider automating their products or processes but often have no idea about how to start or who to approach when it comes to robotics. But this is what RES is strong in: the development of robotics and robotic components based on knowledge sharing and expertise in an environment where collaboration and knowledge are central.

RES also has close partnerships with TU Delft, Robo Valley, other universities, and international government agencies and multinationals; and partly thanks to this approach, RES is also quite capable of making sure that funds are available to finance projects.

RES’ mission

RES has been set up to robotize products and ideas from third parties based on in-house knowledge – from both RES and Robot Security Systems (RSS), as well as from Robot Care Systems (RCS), an external knowledge institute. Capitalizing based on co-creation and partnership.

For RES, a partnership begins with the basics, namely formulating the desired functionality and describing the specifications of the robotics. This ensures that each project is given a huge boost. Here RES strives for creative and successful cooperation at the highest level and with an eye for all facets of the product development.