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Forget Hollywood; it’s actually happening in Den Haag!

On TV and in films you often see the most fantastic robots. Dangerous, sometimes even murderous ones who often turn against humans. Well that is the Hollywood version. But at RES in Den Haag, we develop the real thing: robots and robotics that work with people, that are autonomous, mobile, and have the ability to learn based on repeated experiences and images.

Sensors are an important part of the learning ability in robotics. In the last ten years, image sensors, processors and SOCs have all experienced incredible growth. Both qualitatively and quantitatively. All these different sensors have contributed to millions, if not billions of intelligent products such as smartphones, home electronics, Augmented Reality, healthcare, the automotive industry, and manufacturing.

Obviously RES does not pretend to be an expert in all fields of robot technology. But there are four fields that RES has specialized in: Robot vision, Autonomous behaviour, Mechatronic design and Robot arms.

Here you can see a number of interesting examples that may match your own ideas about robotizing your own product or service.

Robot vision

  • Cognitive robots (can see, understand and act based on an interpretation of what they see)
  • Digital image processing algorithm design
  • Pattern recognition system design
  • Machine and robot vision system design
  • Object detection and tracking system

Autonomous behaviour

  • Autonomous route planning, movement and driving
  • Autonomous navigation and localization
  • Visual odometry
  • Visual servoing

Mechatronic design

  • Digital electronics design
  • Robot controller electronics design
  • Robot controller software design

Robot arms

  • Arm movement and manipulation
  • Vision-based object grasping